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KINGAIR won the bid of jiangsu tianke heda semiconductor co. LTD

Recently,Kingair won the bid of jiangsu tianke heda semiconductor co., LTD by virtue of its strong technical strength and excellent products, providing a batch of modular modular air-conditioning units.

Jiangsu tianke heda semiconductor co., LTD., established on October 25, 2018, is located at no. 26 chuangye road, jingkai district, xuzhou city. It is mainly engaged in the r&d, production and sales of silicon carbide semiconductor substrates. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Beijing tianke heda semiconductor co., LTD.

Beijing tianke heda semiconductor co., LTD. Was established by xinjiang tianfu group and institute of physics, Chinese academy of sciences in September 2006. The company is one of the world's leading manufacturers of SiC chips.

Electronic semiconductor industry has very high requirements for the production environment, from indoor temperature, relative humidity to air cleanliness have strict precision control requirements. As an important guarantee of production environment, the reliability and stability of air conditioning equipment are much higher than that of ordinary air conditioning equipment.

Kingair modular air conditioning unit is the star product of Kingair purification product line. Compared with aluminum alloy frame structure, Kingair tenon double-column structure has more advantages in pressure resistance and sealing performance, and is more suitable for electronic purification, medical purification, pharmaceutical factory and other industrial occasions.

Kingair modular modular air conditioning unit unit adopts the patented design of mortise double-column box body to ensure the unit's ultra-high strength and ultra-low air leakage rate. According to the air leakage rate report of the national test center, the air leakage rate is only 0.03%, the unit is equipped with ultra-low air leakage and patented access door for safe pressure relief, and the unit's cold bridge factor and heat transfer coefficient meet the requirements of European standard TB1/T1. Kingair modular modular air conditioning unit with excellent performance through Germany TUV test certification, quality has been widely recognized at home and abroad.

Kingair company has been established for more than 50 years, the market share has been increasing steadily year by year, the brand quality and reliable image has been deeply rooted in the people. Kingair will continue to improve the design capability, manufacturing technology level, and strive to provide reliable products and services for the electronic semiconductor industry users!

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